By Manohar Yadavatti

Bengaluru,19 October : Governments, irrespective of State or Union, BJP, Congress or Communist have proved beyond doubts that in attending to the challenges of the Corona Pandemic, managing to fill the coffers is much more important rather than striving to protect the lives of the citizens!

If you were to recollect the developments relating to the spread of the deadly virus disease in this country the funniest and paradoxical facts continue to reiterate that the rulers, political and bureaucratic and all those in the private health sector minting money bags in the name of service to humanity continue to commit grave blunders and not unknowingly!

March 2020: India as a whole was not literally in an alarming situation but for being perturbed at the toll of Wuhan originated fatal virus in China. The first infections began with the arrival of the Non-Resident Indians’, Students studying abroad, Tourists, Businessmen and Parents on bon-voyage and pilgrimage.

It was then everyone started to hear the then typical words like testing positive, primary infection and secondary infections. Then on it became a nightmare for all those testing positive as such people were literally “hunted” and physically dragged to the hospitals.

This scenario turned to its worst with the conclusion of the Tablighi Jamaat convention at Nizamuddin in New Delhi. All, native and foreign participants had a harrowing time as they turned out to become easy targets for the state agencies to bundle them out to government hospitals.

In fact, people belonging to the Minority community were squarely blamed to be “Perpetrators” of the fatal disease in the country. A manhunt was made to nab all those who had returned from the religious convention. Instead of implementing precautionary measures to contain the pandemic the media and social networking sites were abuzz with all possible canard campaign against the Tablighis’!

Yet the mysterious Coronavirus hadn’t still made its presence felt across the country but for some pockets here and there. It was an ideal situation to identify such spots and restrict the spread. No, nothing of that sort happened. Instead, the countrymen were called upon by the head of the country to beat bells in the evening, light lamps/candles, switch torches and cell phones during the night and switch off the house lights!

Elsewhere across the world, most of the developed and industrially prosperous nations had kneeled down before the unheard virus and were found struggling to combat the adverse health conditions. But instead of taking a cue from such circumstances and gearing up to the uphill task Lockdowns were enforced one upon another when by and large the cases were negligible.

Thanks to the repeated lockdowns without any preparations or forethought about repercussions of such stringent measures, hundreds of innocent lives were lost on their way to native places by walk and whatever modes of transports available since the regular communication networks were officially grounded!

In spite of repeated pronouncements that these lockdowns will not impact the supply of Milk, Groceries, Fruits and Vegetable people went on a buying spree and hoarding stocks as if the whole world is coming to a close in the next few days…

Fortunately, the casualties weren’t much in comparison to the worst affected countries nor the overall population of our own country. In a way, in public perception, kudos were hailed upon the country’s “pragmatic” leadership qualities for putting the killer virus under check!

But no one bothered to raise a voice of concern about the dastardly lockdowns which hammered the economic backbone like never before paving way for a never-ending situation of woes to almost all sections of the society.

However, R Vijayabhaskar Reddy, Advocate of Karnataka High Court is of the opinion: The people are to be equally blamed. The governments have been trying to cope with the mammoth task of recruiting health workers and creating facilities to tackle the hitherto unheard and unexpected pandemic…

…But people have been very irresponsible and utterly lax in their cooperation to curtail the spread of the virus. So far the governments have been even been unable to enforce such small things as wearing a mask and social distancing. Our religious exuberance has no bounds. During every festival, the markets and temples are flooded with people throwing all cautions to the wind…
 On the other hand, GM Shirahatti, former Director, Bengaluru Doordarshan lambasts the governments of the day in failing to stringently implement the precautionary measures: The Covid 19 situation in Karnataka and more particularly in  Bengaluru is alarming. But people and the government are not serious about adhering and following to in the implementation of guidelines and measures required.

He also opines: Lockdown for another month is perhaps need of the day to ensure some positive result in containing the pandemic.

Krishna V Itnal, former LIC AO and Gandhian settled in Pune feels: It appears, the day may not be far off when again we shall be pledging the gold for raising the money from international funds…

…The fact is that the central govt is not in a position to pay the amount due to States by way of tax collection. Our attention is purposely drawn and dragged to persons connected with the Hindi film industry and their unwanted lifestyles. Out of all this, the common man will on his own finding their own ways to fill the belly…

The situation is very grim on the total economic front. My purposeful wish is that the Indian villagers certainly will find out a way and become torchbearers to us This is my wishful thinking…

Mallikarjun G Kelagade, former Director of Information and Public Relations, Government of Karnataka and now settled in Vijayapura historic city says: Corona the deadly virus, spread all over like wildfire, has created dread in the hearts of the people. However, the government have failed to overcome this crisis. At the same time, people behaving irresponsibly have thrown to the air all instructions, rules and regulations adding fuel to the fire.

On the other hand, Basavaraj Kadkol, senior Architect from Bengaluru signs off: We are struggling to manage the remaining part of this year. However, next year is going to be very tough and challenging while no one knows the strategy to tackle this grim situation…

…India has no product or technology to boast off to sell to the world. In the absence of a policy to boost exports or reduce imports, wherefrom can you ensure the growth of the economic situation which is already in shambles and has reached the rock bottom, unheard of so far?


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