PATNA: Union transport minister,Nitin Gadkari on Friday inaugurated the renovated Ganga bridge (Gandhi Setu) from New Delhi through video conference.Bridge’s super structure was damaged and its renovation had started in 2017.It cost Rs 1742 crores.

Gadkari assured the state chief minister,Nitish Kumar who participated at the inaugural ceremony through video conference here Union government would help construction of more bridges on Ganga,Kosi and Sone rivers.The four lanes road connecting Buxar to Banaras would also be financed by the Centre.

Earlier,there were four river bridges .Two more on Ganga linking Patna to Chapra and Sonepur to Ara have been completed.Over a dozen more bridges are planned on the Ganga river in Bihar.

Deputy chief minister,Sushil Kumar Modi said the Prime Minister’s promised package of Rs 1.25 lakh crores was being utilised to promote infrastructure in Bihar and the renovated Ganga bridge was a part of the same package.He hoped,very soon,Ganga will have 18 bridges.

Union law and justice,IT and communications minister,Ravishankar Prasad who represents Patna Saheb constitutency in Lok Sabha demanded a river bridge over Ganga at Kala Diara in Bakhtiarpur in his constitutency.


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