A senior advocate of Patna High Court, Mrs Chhaya Mishra,who is also a former joint secretary of the Advocates Association, has pleaded for suspension of the selection process for appointments of chairmen and members in the permanent. Lok Adalats in Bihar.

In a statement,she said the Bihar state legal services authority is going to appoint 28 retired district judges or retired ADJs as chairmen of permanent Lok Adalats in 28 districts and 56 as members through interviews to be taken by the executive chairman or persons authorised by him

According to Mrs Chhaya Mishra, there is no urgency to appoint chairmen and members as the entire state is in grip of Corona and under total lockdown.

Even judicial activities are suspended, normal works in the honourable High Court and subordinate courts are not being conducted.

The proposed selection through interviews will be a farce only when social distancing is to be followed strictly,mask has become a Must.Selection will not be fair,not even will appear fair.

In the interests of healthy and fair Lok Adalats, entire process should be suspended with immediate effect,it can resume after normalcy returns.

We should not become subjects of attack for suspected transmission of the virus, Mrs Mishra said


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